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High-quality Subcontractors: The “Secret Sauce” in Your Construction Project

We’ll let you in on an often-overlooked fact of custom home building and remodeling: Your general contractor is only as good as his or her subcontractors, especially on high-end projects that rely on exquisitely detailed work.

A significant part of our job is coordinating subcontractors and tradespeople: the tile setters, cabinetmakers, finish carpenters, masons, paper hangers, and more. Our clients expect the highest level of performance in their homes and the finest level of finish, all of which are only achievable when we have experts on site to do what they do best. The interior designers and architects who draw the homes we build or remodel often specify high-end materials, complex details, beautifully crafted millwork, gorgeous cabinetry, and ornate tile applications. Not all subs know how to handle such bespoke materials or finishes, and we’re strategic about the subcontractors we hire at every stage of a project. Hundreds of people “touch” a project of our scope: We ensure that every one of them is suited to the task, and we know how to coordinate so a home comes together on time and on budget.

Before you hire a builder, ask your prospective GCs how long they’ve worked with their best subcontractors. Who will install the cabinetry in your kitchen? will do the finish carpentry to create the period-specific millwork? Why will your GC hire those particular tradespeople? What other work have these subs done for the GC lately? Listen carefully for answers that demonstrate that the GC knows the subcontractors well and can choose the best tradespeople for your specific project.

Happy subs ultimately lead to great projects, which lead to happy homeowners. At Duet Build, we pride ourselves on long relationships with the best subcontractors in town—for whom we’re very grateful.
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