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Duet Build + Duet Design: One Brand Family, Two Distinct Firms

For many years in Denver, the paths of Devon Tobin of Duet Design Group and Doug Canady of Canady Construction crossed. The pair would collaborate on projects, brought together by clients who wanted high-end, custom remodels in some of Denver’s most sought-after areas, such as Country Club, Cherry Hills, Hilltop, and Cherry Creek North. “We liked working together because I knew Doug was the kind of builder who cared as much about making sure clients are happy as I do, and he knew the same about me,” Devon says.

Best Soaker Tub Options For Your Bath Remodel | Duet Build

We have all been there. Nothing sounds better to close a long, hard day than a relaxing soak in the tub. You fill it up to the brim. The water temperature is perfect. You comfortably climb in only to have your upper half met with the brutal reality that it will not be joining this spa party. Rather than a calming moment, this turns into a debate of which part of your body to subject to the outside elements and which will enjoy the warm submersion’s embrace. The balancing act ruins the moment, and we are back at square one, looking for an escape from the ache of the day’s stresses. We have found your source of solace. Meet the soaker tub.

Why is Lighting Important in Home Interior Design

Lighting is the unsung hero of interiors. It touches every surface and affects how we see our environment. With such a robust resume, it is surprising that most are unaware of the fundamentals of lighting features and keep this as the last item on their home renovation list.

Tips for Selecting and Installing Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are not only an essential feature when it comes to the functionality of your kitchen, but they make a statement whether you realize it or not. Your cabinets can make or break your kitchen.

Cherry Creek North Whole Home Remodel: Client Q&A

While construction is a decades-long passion, having clients enjoy the fruits of our labor is why we do it. We checked in on one of our past clients from Project Garfield to reflect on her experience before, during, and after working with Duet Build.