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Cherry Creek North Whole Home Remodel: Client Q&A

While construction is a decades-long passion, having clients enjoy the fruits of our labor is why we do it. We checked in on one of our past clients from Project Garfield to reflect on her experience before, during, and after working with Duet Build.

The 2,500 sq ft Project Garfield scope included a complete kitchen and master bath gut, basement and bedroom refreshes, and updated trim moldings and flooring. The project took approximately six months to complete.

QUESTION: What is your previous home renovation experience?

ANSWER: “In my previous home, I took on a large renovation. I worked with a construction company, an architect, and a designer. The three butted heads constantly. I was put in the position of mediator when that was not where I felt comfortable. I was constantly putting out fires with them. The contractor asked and challenged the use of the designer. I was more aligned with the designer and felt like I had to fight for her. It got ugly and added stress to an already stressful renovation. I was anticipating a similar experience with Duet Build. Anything I was concerned about, dissolved.”

Q: How was it working with Duet Build this time around?

A: “I can only speak to Build in relation to the interior design company with whom they partnered. That made a huge difference. Duet Build had tremendous trust in the process of the design firm and vice versa. I did not interview other people because this was who the designer worked with frequently and trusted.It was honestly seamless.”

Q: How was the communication process with Duet Build as opposed to your past contractor?

A: “I was not living in the house, so I was not around while they worked every day, which was beneficial. The flow of communication was very effective. Duet Build would communicate with the designer, who would then relay the information to me. We had an excellent triangular relationship. You also know that they and the designer are constantly communicating to ensure the project’s success behind the scenes. You don’t have to play referee. They have that kind of integrity. It was honestly seamless.

If anything was going awry, I knew about it right away. It was the concept of trust that made the difference with this team. When the construction company does not have complete faith in the designer and that they know enough to be doing this and vice versa, that is when I have seen things go haywire. I had none of that. It was the perfect balance of trust on both ends, and you could feel the respect and comfort level with one another. Duet Build trusts the process of the designers and embraces it. He does not question their choices which means there is no power struggle.”

Q: Transparency is a huge foundational piece of Duet Build. Did you find this true during your experience?

A: “There wasn’t anything that we had to adjust midstream or that I was unhappy with. Doug was amazing. His bookkeeping, how he did it, how he informed me was very clear and a very different experience from the first home I renovated. Granted, you make changes, and things go up or down, but they gave me a number for the budget at the start, and we ended right on target. For a homeowner, you want everything to be transparent. You want to all be on the same page, and you want to have a level of security and confidence with no surprises coming at you, which was how I felt. The budget and timeline were as they were from the start. Duet Build has no hidden agenda.

It was made very clear to me in the beginning that they would not be the least expensive firm that we could use for my project, but we know it will be done professionally, correctly, and with high-quality standards. They’re not going to cut corners on anything, and you can feel confident through the entire process.”

Q: Did any issues arise during your project? If so, how were they handled?

A: “We forgot a shower ledge, and rather than simply follow the plans, Doug called the designer to ensure that this was intentional. He wants to make sure that everything is done according to the specifications and done according to the client’s needs. It all happened quickly, and it was a no-brainer. He could get a hold of her immediately and get the confirmation needed to make the change. With a contractor with a million other projects, you would probably not get this answer for a couple of days which holds up the entire project.”

Q: Since your renovation’s completion, how has your home and relationship with Duet Build been?

A: “I did my house about seven years ago, and I can still call him for advice. He might not come over personally, but I can ask him who to use for an electrical or a plumbing issue. When you’re a client, you’re a client for life. I don’t know if everyone does that, but he always helps me. In the end, he presents all the spec books and information you’ll need for your home in an elegant and organized fashion.

I’ve had a few issues with my floors over the past few years, but as soon as I mentioned it to Duet Build, they gave me the contact information of someone who could help. The problems came up years later, and while this was not their responsibility, they were there for me. They’re one of a kind.

If I were to do another house, I would use Duet Build with or without a designer’s participation. There is such a level of confidence.”

We are, of course, thrilled to hear about Project Garfield’s success, but more so, we are happy to hear of Duet Build’s continued support. Construction is our pride, but our client is our priority.