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What Role Does an Architect Play in a Remodel?

The short answer: a crucial one!

For large-scale projects like ours, Duet Build needs an architect to create stamped drawings to submit to the city for permitting. But even beyond that requirement, homeowners need an architect to help them figure out how to transform their spaces from what they have into what they want. Because builders use the architect’s design to estimate the cost of construction, our clients almost always need an architect before the rest of their team can be assembled. Then, of course, we rely on the drawings for all the construction details for the renovation.

Architects are key partners for contractors and homeowners because as design professionals, architects have extensive construction knowledge and insight into coordination of materials. If a problem pops up during demolition of a space—an unanticipated structural issue or malfunctioning system—the architect is a key problem-solver as the team seeks the best solution.

The right architect for large-scale remodels understands and has deep experience in residential construction. If you own a historic home or a home in a historic district, you want an architect who also understands the process of designing within the boundaries of the design review process.

Duet Build works very closely with many of Denver’s finest architects. If you’re looking for a referral to a local architect who does excellent work, we’d be happy to share a list of recommendations with you.