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Best Soaker Tub Options For Your Bath Remodel | Duet Build

Thankful for: The Soaker Tub
We have all been there. Nothing sounds better to close a long, hard day than a relaxing soak in the tub. You fill it up to the brim. The water temperature is perfect. You comfortably climb in only to have your upper half met with the brutal reality that it will not be joining this spa party. Rather than a calming moment, this turns into a debate of which part of your body to subject to the outside elements and which will enjoy the warm submersion’s embrace. The balancing act ruins the moment, and we are back at square one, looking for an escape from the ache of the day’s stresses. We have found your source of solace. Meet the soaker tub.

Their depth best differentiates soaker tubs. Their purpose is in their name, to let you soak. Standard bathtubs have around 12” of water. Soaking tubs should offer a minimum of 14” of soaking depth. Their purpose is to encapsulate as much of the bather’s body as possible. “Soaking depth” is measured on the inside wall of the tub from the base to the overflow drain at its deepest point (via Wayfair).

If that still does not sound like the deep crevasse you envisioned, let us introduce you to the Japanese Soaker Tub. These make American Tubs look like kiddy pools. While the traditional soaker’s depth is up to 17”, the Japanese Soaker ups the stakes by hosting as much as 27” of water. If you sit upright, the water should hit your chin. Keep in mind, while the depth is exaggerated, the length is not, making these tubs an excellent option for smaller spaces. The act of bathing in Japanese culture is a means to cleanse and purify the body and soul (via HGTV). Who couldn’t use a little of that these days?

Via Aquatica

To all you Whirlpool enthusiasts, cool your jets. The soaker is not concerned with all the bells and whistles. While some variations come equipped with effervescent bubbles and therapeutic lighting, you should remember this tub most for its simplistic form and dedication to its primary function. They say if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. The soaker is this, personified.

The next time you are looking for a fully immersive bathing experience, consider opting for the soaker tub. You will be thankful you did.