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The Duet Build Difference

Duet Build is a new, old company: It’s been nearly a year since Doug Canady’s retirement, and Duet Build stands on the foundation of the excellence he established over 30 years and innovates every day. Here’s what sets us apart:

+ We are design-centric, custom-home builders and remodelers.

Duet Build principal Devon Tobin and Duet VP of Operations Liz Hester, backed by a team of the best superintendents and carpenters, bring the full force of their creative and business savvy to make Duet Build the kind of firm our clients love and Denver’s esteemed ecosystem of interior designers, architects, and craftsman love to work with.

+ We all know that great design manifests in great building.

You can make all the plans you want, but nobody can live in a blueprint. Duet Build understands the nuance of exquisite design, and we build with an eye on the details that matter to clients, architects, and interior designers. We thrive at the intersection of building and design.

+ We are driven by our values:

  • + We prioritize clear, consistent, frequent communication with clients, subcontractors, architects, interior designers, and other team members
  • + We treat clients as family.
  • + We problem-solve quickly and thoroughly and choose to be a solutions-oriented firm.
  • + We deliver results on-time and on-budget.
  • + We support and celebrate the design community in Denver. We cheer on the interior designers and architects who have transformed the Mile High City’s design scene in the last 15-20 years, and we honor their excellent work in conversation, digital media, and traditional media.

We invite you to experience Duet Build, whether you’re a homeowner looking to build your dream home or finally take on a long-wished-for renovation, or a design professional seeking a reliable, pioneering construction company to partner with you for the sake of a successful project and happy clients.